There is no point giving up

Last week I read two completely different opinions, from the same publication which sort of threw me.

The first article I read was this one, discouraging people from spending too much time on a side project that might not work out.

I was only slightly discouraged, but the words stayed in my mind until I was on the train home from work. I thought about what would happen if I gave up? What would be the point giving up? Writing, editing and content marketing is what I love doing so if I’m spending time outside of my ‘proper’, more stable job trying to make a living out of it, what harm could this be causing?

Sure, I may be a tiny bit obsessed with my computer and my husband may not see me much after dinner but at least I have something to keep me occupied. Not only occupied but intellectually stimulated. How’s that compared to sitting in front of the TV each night?

The second article was much more uplifting and focused on the reason that everyone needs a side project, even if they are not in a place to fully let go of their full time job. It sat much better with me as my mind turned to the blog post I would be writing that night.

I get that there is a need to be realistic in a world where every Jane, Beth and Sam want to begin a living on their own terms, to be their own boss. But there is a fine line between being honest and being discouraging.

I, or anyone working on a side project at home should never feel like it will ultimately be a waste of time.

I found the second article inspiring, encouraging and even helpful. It explained that having a project to work on in your own time allows for a high level of personal development that would not always occur in a ‘normal’ workplace, when working for someone else.

I am not saying that a side project or ‘side hustle’ is for everyone. There is absolutely no need to begin a side hustle if you are content with your current situation.

But if there is something other than your current job that piques your interest, why not give it a go?

And don’t forget to let me know about your progress!