The Alter Ego

I think a lot of us have an alter ego that, when unleashed, allows us to become a different version of ourselves.

If you have a full-time job but always hoped for something different, you may create an alter ego for a persona to develop within your limited space.

Alter egos can be the ideal way to release a new character that you feel is trapped within. To be someone that you’re not usually, to relax, to feel different and have fun.

Your alter ego may do something that you think about all the time but that you don’t feel comfortable actually doing.

I recently read about a famous alter ego in The American Way, on a flight from Las Vegas to New York. ‘Awkwafina’ was someone that I had never heard of before. It was a fantastic article about the alter ego she created for herself to help her get out of an ordinary job and to unleash a creative side of hers.

Some theories suggest that alter egos belong only to those who have a high level of self-worth but who feel that they are not revealing their full potential by only showing the world one side.

Alter egos can be a wonderful outlet for people who are often considered ‘fence sitters’. Alter egos make decisions; alter egos take action.

An alter ego is often created to compensate for someone who thinks they are not outgoing and that they have a wild side that others are yet to learn about and if that ego goes out of control; things have gone too far.

Alter egos can be wild. They can be trouble.

It gets dangerous when it becomes a game of attention. When someone is striving to be noticed, above and beyond the rest, things can get nasty.

The ego is an interesting concept. You never hear of alter egos that are quieter than the individual that concocts them, do you? Because an altered ego only suggests that it is altered to an extreme level of ability.

If you have concocted an alter ego to show the world who you really are, is it really an ‘altered’ version of yourself or is it just you?

If anyone would like to comment, please do and we can figure this one out together!