Duck by the water

My weekends for the past 6 months have generally consisted of the same 4 things:

  1. Walking the dog,
  2. Exercising with friends and/or family,
  3. Netflix; and
  4. Dining at home.

And I have just about loved every minute of it!

Sure, things were made easier when restrictions were somewhat eased along the way and we were allowed to meet up with friends for a walk who didn’t necessarily live close-by, and I was very grateful for the Premier’s recent announcement regarding opening up, but I have generally been enjoying my time at home.

A breakdown of my last weekend in total lockdown (for now)

Last weekend was a long weekend here in Victoria; we had Friday off due to it being the AFL Grand Final holiday. The Grand Final was played on Saturday evening for the first time ever outside of Melbourne, and to be honest, I don’t know why this isn’t an occurrence every year! There are definite perks to sharing the footy chaos with the other states.

We spent Saturday night at home (where else was there to go?) and cooked up a feast. This included homemade sausage rolls, chicken tenders, potato salad, lots of cheese, bread and biscuits and a few other little bits and pieces. I really enjoy dining out, but this was so nice, and so easy, and we got to enjoy it from the comfort of our own home, so lucky us.

On Sunday I met a good friend for a walk and completed my 10,000 steps by 11am, which was definitely an achievement considering I had not even been for a run! Masks aside, as we strolled into a café to buy a coffee, I felt a sense of normality.

Another way mine and many other households have been spending our time is by watching Netflix. We are constantly finding hidden gems, some of which I have been referred to or heard about, others that we have stumbled across on our own. Our show of the moment is Fargo, an American dark crime series. It’s quite gory, but very entertaining.

My other main weekend activity (which is actually more of a daily feat), is walking the dog, something that my partner and I absolutely love doing. On the weekend we met a dog trainer in the park, who was amazing. She didn’t mind when our large Groodle jumped all over her, and we watched attentively as she eventually convinced him to stop and lay at her feet. We have a few new tricks to try, and we are committed to teaching him, something which we should have done when he was a puppy. In a pre COVID world, it seemed there was so much to do and not enough time, but now we realise that there is actually plenty of time, it just depends what we choose to do with it.

Changes and considerations

Now that restaurants have opened to diners, retail has opened to in-store customers and we are able to visit friends and family two adults a time, it seems our weekends are filling up quickly, but as I have mentioned before, I do not want these newfound ways of spending my weekends to disappear.

I don’t think people should hurry back to their pre COVID lives, without realising that at least one aspect to their life actually may have improved during our extended isolation. I think it’s important to at least take the time to consider how you can really make the most out of your weekends, while making sure you don’t try to take on too much, and remember to factor in time for yourself.

I know I will be taking the time to continue doing less and enjoying more, absorbing as much simplicity as I can.

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