Enjoying all the region has to offer: Hobart, Tasmania

At this very moment, times are incredibly difficult for the travel industry and the rest of the world. By publishing this post I’m not encouraging people to travel right now, and expose themselves and others to COVID-19, but reminding people that we live in an incredible world, and there is a lot to look forward to when the end is in sight. Let me tell you a bit about my trip to Hobart earlier this year.

In January 2020, we went on a quick 3-night trip to Hobart, Tasmania. We are so lucky to have this idyllic city not too far away – only a short flight or boat ride over the Bass Strait from Melbourne.

We arrived late at night and had to collect our apartment key from a building on top of a hill in Salamanca, “Lenna”. It was a beautiful old mansion, with ornate features and despite being ready for bed, I stopped to take in its charm.

Lenna, Hobart

In the morning we went to Salamanca market, which was bustling. I had never been before but had heard good things, and I was not let down. There were so many stalls selling stunning local produce and handmade items. We purchased some peanut butter, a set of wooden coasters for our table at home, enjoyed some fresh berries, perused some luxurious leather goods and sampled some whiskey from a distillery that we planned to visit the next day.

We had a wedding later in the day, and the ceremony was only a short walk away at Battery Point. However, due to spending a little too long enjoying the harbour at lunchtime, we were running late, so we caught an Uber. The reception was at Frogmore Creek Winery, which was a gorgeous location. Nestled among the vineyards, we enjoyed the remaining light filled hours outside, before heading in to begin the celebrations.

Frogmore Creek
Frogmore Creek Winery view

The next day we hired a car and drove out to Old Kempton, a renowned whiskey distillery north of Hobart. We arrived and walked through another beautiful old building and sat in the courtyard, as a musician strummed his guitar and sang. We ordered some food and wine, sat back and appreciated the company – there was a group that had 2 large white dogs that were on their best behaviour. We love seeing dogs on holidays because it reminds us of our dog at home, which always puts a smile on our faces.

Old Kempton
Old Kempton Distillery

After the distillery, we went to Taroona Beach for a stroll. It was a beautiful day;  slightly overcast with a light breeze but the sun occasionally showed through the clouds. Being so close to Antarctica, it rarely gets too hot in Hobart, a piece of local wisdom I had picked up at the wedding. We made our way along the gravel track of the shoreline while looking out to sea. I was careful with my footing because I had for some silly reason decided to wear heels, but this gave me the chance to stop from time to time to imagine icy embankments in a nearby land across the ocean.

Taroona Beach
Taroona Beach

That evening, we walked along the harbour as we had done so many times over the past two days before enjoying seafood and wine, and admiring the artwork on display at Landscape Restaurant. The restaurant offered a dining experience inspired by the island of Tasmania, an it was a wonderful way to finish our trip.

For a place that takes less than an hour to get to by plane, we Melburnians should really visit more often. We are very lucky to have such diverse cities in Australia, and although it wasn’t my first time in Hobart, I enjoyed it as much as the last. If you haven’t been, I would highly recommend taking a trip when COVID-19 is behind us. If you have been, I have no qualms in encouraging you to back, as I am sure you will discover something new to love like I do every time.

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