A little bit about me

I always wonder why we focus so much on telling people what we think they want to hear?

I am a big believer of saying things as they are, no messing around or confusing the situation. People either like it or they don’t.

The journey

If I am totally honest with you, my freelance writing journey has not been a huge success so far. Working full time and finding time to research, write, pitch, follow up and liaise with clients is something I am yet to do. However, I plan my evenings of writing and researching every day. I know, eventually, the time will come, I just have to keep at it.
My first blog was going to be the launch of my writing career. I cover a wide range of topics, somewhat ad hoc, including my personal home life, memories and realisations, real estate and travel.

I have generally been open and honest about my opinions, but I’m ready to take that one step further.

My approach to lifestyle writing

As defined by Oxford Dictionary, lifestyle refers to ‘the way a person lives.’

Now this is a very loose definition and that’s what I like about it. It is open to interpretation, it is completely up to the reader and how they may choose to live their life.

I am interested in writing about a number of topics. They include travel, hobbies, work, real estate, self-improvement, health and food. I have now decided that these areas of interest all fit into the category of ‘Lifestyle’, or at least my category of ‘Lifestyle’.


If we want a bit of a prelude to the day I found my niche, I can tell you that yesterday was a cold, rainy day in Melbourne, where my husband and I took any glimpses of clear sky as an opportunity to get outside to walk the dog or go for a run. We had dinner at my in laws and came home to have some time for Netflix and chill. We had trouble deciding on a movie and finally settled on a movie based on a true story, Backcountry.

It was about a young couple that went hiking in the back country in Canada. The man had wanted to take his girlfriend to a special spot, that he remembered from his childhood. They soon realised they were lost which was not helped by him refusing a map when he was offered one. They discovered a half-eaten animal carcass and some bear tracks and realised they were in trouble.

I don’t want to ruin the ending for anyone, but despite the basic plot, it was a movie that got me thinking.

To relate it to lifestyle and the choices we make, I have hypothesised the below.

  1. Many of enjoy nothing more than time with nature, to explore, to be free
  2. Others would rather be in the company of other people, to feel safe and part of a collective
  3. Some of us are a mixture of both.

I like to think I relate more to number 1 but the truth is, I think we all have some of number 2 in us. I mean, who doesn’t want to be part of something?

These tendencies influence our choices each and every day and it doesn’t matter where you fit, or if you think there are in fact more options, as long as we can take the time to appreciate our limitations and of course, our achievements.

If you have ever thought about the choices we make in this way or have seen the movie and have a different opinion, I’d love to hear about it! If you wish to get in touch to discuss a project, please submit a contact form.


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